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7 Steps to Determine Translation Quality

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Posted by on September 30, 2017

There is no lie that global interactions have led to the insatiable desire for translation quality to be improved every day. As more people interact with one another, it is becoming essential that we have a platform, better yet, a secure translation service provider who can have all our translation needs and requirements adhered to. We believe that we are this affordable translation services prices with you have been searching for.

What Is Translation Quality and Why Is It So Important?

Translation quality is the adherence to international standards and requirements of translation. This means that not only the translation quality index is met, but also the context of content is maintained as it is translated from one language to another. Translation quality assessment has become important due to the following reasons

⋅ For entertainment purposes: The entertainment industry is a highly lucrative one. In fact, we all need the entertainment to relax and unwind. With the advent of electronic media, a majority of people spend time reading and watching information online. Hence, everything from novels to online blogs needs to be translated to target and potentially increase sales in different markets.

⋅ Impacts and affects the global community: Trade is currently the largest global industry. Transactions between countries reach trillions of dollars every year, which results in profits for both partners. And for trade to continue there must be an efficient an efficient communication link to break the barrier between these foreign partners.

⋅ Creates a large number of job opportunities: The translation industry is generating billions of dollars every year, resulting in extensive employment opportunity for a large number of translators across the world.

⋅ Translations maintain peace: Through translations; different sovereign republics around the world are able to comprehend each other and to work together for a peaceful and stable environment.

⋅ Translation interpretation saves lives: The healthcare sector has benefited tremendously as a result of the advent of translation services. Lifesaving procedures can be translated from one language to another and shared to the interested partners.

7 Steps to Determine Translation Quality

In order to tell that there is a high level of translation quality maintained by a service provider, here are 7 essential features that you should consider:

⋅ There is cooperation between the client and translator: Cooperation is essential because it helps to make the translation process easier. Some of the things that showcase a mutual interaction between client and translator include:

⋅ A detailed list of project requirements: The client proceeds to provide the translator with a detailed list of all requirements as long as important files to assist in the execution of the project.

⋅ A clear deadline: A definitive deadline that enables the translator to plan them accordingly.

⋅ An accessible mode of contact with a follow-up rapid response: A great communication line that facilitates easy access from the client to the translator and vice-versa.

⋅ The translator has the skills and resources necessary to deliver a quality translation: The translator is experienced in the given field, having the necessary linguistic acumen to handle all aspects of the translation in question. His or her study of language should be impressive, as well as have knowledge of a number of idioms and expressions in the given field.

⋅ The translator is fully acquainted with the project: The translator is fully briefed with all material concerning the project and effectively understands all aspects of the project in question.

⋅ The translation was executed with respect to the field of translation: Here, the translator is knowledgeable within the given field of translation such as medicine, engineering, business or entertainment. He or she is able to describe vividly while retaining the context of information.

⋅ The translator has access to a detailed glossary of terms: Combining with speciality in the given field, having a detailed list of keywords pertaining to the field in question is something that every translator should have in their bag of tricks. This makes the document translation service all the more effective.

⋅ The translator has executed a QA check for errors and irregularities: A quality assurance check, otherwise known as proofreading, is something that a translator should be tired to always. Regardless of the simplicity of content, each and every translator should allocate time to rectify some of the most common grammatical mistakes in English, Spanish, French, or any other language.

⋅ The communications channel is always open with the client: Maintaining an open communication channel between translator and client ensures that there are smooth project transition and completion.

translation quality checklist

Guarantees We Offer to Improve Translation Quality

Once you access our translation services, here are some guarantees we provide:

⋅ Money-back guarantee: A decisive money-back guarantee that ensures you are satisfied with the content you receive. If not, your money will be safely returned to you.

⋅ Quality: Quality in content is exactly what you will get once you access our essential translation services.

⋅ Adherence to deadlines: We adhere to deadlines and meet them exceptionally well.

⋅ 24/7 support via phone or e-mail: Get 24/7 support via phone or e-mail whenever you have a query concerning one of our services.

⋅ Secure payment: A great secure payment that keeps your money safe through credit cards, debit cards, or credible online payments such as PayPal.

Therefore, get instant access to our essential translation help with more than 60 languages available for you along with the above guarantees for improving translation quality as well!

So for great translation quality services, get in touch with us today and we will attend to your every request!

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