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Best Translator Tools for Everyday Use

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Posted by on July 31, 2017

As the needs for translations becomes greater, technology itself is evolving to match this demand. Let’s not get it twisted. It’s great that this is happening, but there are some few limitations that translator tools have against human translators. Our cheap translation service is not trying to bust your bubble or anything, but just letting you know before you pick any of the recommended tools in our list, you should be aware of the following tool limitations

Limitations of Translator Tools

Here are some limitations of using the best online translation tools as compared to human translators:

⋅ Understanding of grammar as natives: Machine translations have difficulty in grasping effectively if a word has one or more meaning. It takes the human understanding of Native speakers to realize when and at what point a word can be used. The disability of software translations is that they have a hard time in placing the context of a given phrase or word in a particular sentence. That’s why human translations are much better. They have completer grasp of unique phrases, grammar, idiomatic expressions, and proverbs!

⋅ The importance of political and social correctness: There are quite a number of ways in which languages are unique from one to another. One thing we really have to consider is social correctness. For example, in the language of French, it is impolite to address someone that you have just met as tu. Instead, the correct way to mention is as vous. That being said, tech tools find it hard to know the context of political and social correctness.

List of 6 Best Translator Resources to Use for Translation

Here are some of the most recommended resources for professional translators that you can use to undertake your translation services

⋅ Linguee: One of the popular English translator tools, it combines a dictionary along with a search engine to ensure that you have access to a large array of different words, bilingual text, and a whole set of different languages and further contextual translations. The great thing is that you can utilize it with Google Images to assist translators and new language learners as well!

⋅ SDL Trados Studio: This is one of the most recommended computer assisted translation (CAT) tool. This tool is great if you are undertaking word-for-word translation as a full-time business. Its accuracy is near human translation!

⋅ The Free Dictionary: This tool is available in a wide variety of languages, having a dictionary, an on-site thesaurus, as well as an encyclopedia. You can also get free access of financial, medical and legal dictionaries! You can also access several acronyms, quotes and quotes for different languages besides Spanish and English.

⋅ Fluency Now: This is a premium CAT tool and translation memory software created for single freelancers. The premium service is available for $9.95 a month. It has great compatibility on Mac, Windows and Linux as well! Some of its great features include in-built proofreading and document statistics too!

⋅ ProZ: This tool is great for multiple interactions and crowd sourcing. It is great for professional translators to collaborate in terms of translations, dictionaries, as well as to share unique translation tools!

⋅ MemoQ: The last on the list of our translation resources, this translation software  is designed specifically for freelance translators that offers a number of powerful functions such as the ability to utilize previous translations as well as well as ask questions and join forum discussions.

Hence, using these translator resources, you can improve your translation skills especially if you are studying.

best translation resources

Great Tips to Use for Checking Your Proofreading and Translation

Here are some essential tips to use together with the best translation online tools while checking out your translation content:

⋅ Revise the documents and files before starting the translation- Always go over the documents word for word to ensure that the content has clarity.

⋅ Ensure that you are comfortable with the subject matter- With the given translation; you should make sure that you are familiar with the subject matter before translating.

⋅ Ensure that you are familiar with the file format- File format are essential for the easy deliverance of information.

⋅ Identify relevant reference sources on the Internet for the subject matter-You should look in the internet for relevant reference sources pertaining to the subject matter in question.

⋅ After completing translation, run your spelling checker for any grammatical mistakes- Use your spelling checker to detect whether there is any syntax or semantic errors that are present in the content.

⋅ Check your translation against the source for any missing text and formatting issues- This is a great way to ensure that the original meaning as well as objectives of the source language is retained in the translated text as well.

Hence, for all your professional translation services requirements, you can access our cheap translation service to get translation assistance and completion for more than 60+ available languages.

So get in touch with us to get access to effective translator tools as well as other essential translator services!

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