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How to Handle a Technical Translation: 7 Tips

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Posted by on October 31, 2017

A technical translation is the most complex aspect of the translation service industry because it requires the translator to have specialized knowledge and on-the-point terminology for ultimate success and client satisfaction. For example, say you translate technical manual from one language to another, the content needs to have clarity and retain meaning as well. There are a lot of mistakes one can make if they fail to focus on their technical translations effectively. Hence, we will be looking at some of the important reasons to have an accurate technical translation quality.

The Importance of an Accurate Technical Translation

In this evolving world where science and technology are the dominant forces that determine how we live our lives, companies require technical translations due to the following reasons:

⋅ Market products to a larger customer-base: By having their product manuals translated into a large number of languages, companies are able to target a wider customer-base and sell their products in these respective countries. This enables them to definitely get ahead in terms of profits and international market gains.

⋅ Prevent the misuse of products or services: Having a well-detailed product manual for every product that the company sells enables the company to improve usability and overall customer satisfaction.

⋅ To avoid affirmative legal action: It is a crime in some bilingual countries such as Canada to have product manuals in English alone instead of English and French. Hence, companies can face serious lawsuits if they do not adhere to the instructions.

7 Tips to Handle Technical Translation

Now that you are aware of the importance of technical translations, here are 7 tips you can use when undertaking technical translations:

⋅ Revise the document and files before starting the translation: It is essential that you revise the documents and files in question to get a better understanding and grasp of the content and its terminology.

⋅ Ensure that you are comfortable with the subject matter: As part of the translation process; ensure that you are comfortable with the subject matter in question before commencing with the translation.

⋅ Keep it straight to the point: Technical translations, unlike other translations, require that you be straight to the point and prevent any filler content. Here, there is also very limited use of idioms, and other factors of language that are usually considered entertaining. Your goal is to translate content in a precise and concise manner.

⋅ Organize the files and your thought process as well: Your thought process is essential in ensuring that content translated flows and is presented in a systematic manner. That being said, always ensure that content is accurately described and organized well.

 Utilize translation memory: This translator tool is essential in keeping all your translation content in a database. Not only does this save on time, but makes it easier for you to handle your incoming orders and improve translation quality.

⋅ Use glossary development: A glossary is an essential feature of every translator in order to translate technical words. Having one means that you have a list of essential keywords to be used during translation from one language to another.

⋅ Q/A proofread after completion: After completing your technical translation, you should always do a quality assurance check to see whether technical text to translate is free from any errors of grammar.

technical translation checklist

Why You Should Access Our Technical Translation Service

Perhaps you are strapped for time with your translations and require expert assistance? Here are some of the reasons why our technical dictionary translate services are considered the best in the business.

⋅ Affordable prices: We offer highly affordable services that ensure you get quality for every translation you make, as well as being pocket-friendly.

⋅ 24/7 support: Our team offers round the clock support to answer to any queries or suggestions that you may have concerning our translation services.

⋅ Diverse team of translators: To handle more than 60+ language translations, we must have a diverse team of translators who hail from different parts of the world. Some are based with us while others are remotely-based in their native countries.

⋅ Unlimited revisions: We offer as many revisions as possible for quality content and to meet all your specifications.

⋅ Certified translators: Every professional translator we have is certified and specialized in the given languages they deal with.

⋅ On-time delivery: We guarantee that your deadlines will be met by ensuring translations are delivered in due time.

Therefore, get instant access to our essential translation help with more than 60 languages available for you along with the above guarantees for improving translation quality as well!

So for all your technical translation needs, simply get in touch with us and we will immediately handle your request!

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